Monday, 14 September 2015

Lip Balms Review 2015

If you've read my previous post (or follow me on social media) about my ongoing search for the perfect lip balm that works for me, then you'll know how painstaking it is!

These are the lip balms I have purchased and tried over the last 2 years (2014 and 2015).

Just as a back story, my lips have always been prone to getting really dry, flaky and cracking, which always results in me biting and pulling the skin off my lips. Bad habit to that because I always make my lips sore and bloody, but I just can't stand the dry flakiness so I rip it off. Hence why I have been searching for an effective lip balm to help reduce all of this.

I'll start with the ones that didn't work for me.

From top to bottom: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Carmex in strawberry, Burts Bees in pomegranate, and Salvatore Ferragamo lip balm.

Starting with the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip repair cream, I had heard from friends and other bloggers that it was an amazing product and that they loved it. So I then decided to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, it did not work well with me.

First off, I think I should have gotten the stick version rather than the pot, because I do find it difficult to get out onto my finger, due to having long nails all the time. I dislike dipping fingers in pots in general to be honest. The consistency of the product is quite hard, like the ones you get in stick form, and the smell is not bad either, not a strong smell.

Secondly, I applied it every night before I went to bed for 2 weeks. When I woke up, my lips were still dry, and cracked, and I still had to pull it off because it was annoying! Did not make a difference at all. For the price of this product, I was very disappointed that it did not work for me. I'll probably still try to use it though, since it is the most expensive lip balm I have purchased, would feel like such a waste to just not use it...

Next is the Carmex lip balm. I had also previously had the cherry flavour Carmex, which I didn't finish, there was still some left but I put the last remaining into a homemade lip scrub I made.

The Carmex I felt didn't work for me either. The purchase of the strawberry one was random because I just saw and thought, why not. Lips were still dry after using it and I didn't like the feel of it on my lips either. The smell is quite strong and very artificial smelling, the kind that I dislike. The cherry flavour was bearable, but the strawberry one is repulsive to me. The consistency of the product is slightly thick when you squeeze it out, once applied to the lips it just melts out.

The next product is Burts Bees in pomegranate. This also left my lips dry and peeling afterwards so it did not help my lips condition. The product smells okay though. This lip balm works for other friends of mine, but not for me.

And the last of them is the lip balm by Salvatore Ferragamo. The consistency of the product is a little watered down, and it makes my lips feel a little weird. It also has a smell that I am not a fan of.

I have to admit, that this lip balm is not the worst out of all of them, because it did actually help my lips a little, but due to the smell and the feel of it on my lips, I don't like using it.

Final verdict: Will not repurchase any of these products.

Top to bottom, left to right: Vaseline Aloe Vera, Vaseline Rose and Almond oil Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach kiss, Pink punch, and Cherry me, Clinque Chubby Stick 06 Whoppin' Watermelon.

So the Vaselines are the standard that everybody will have, the aloe vera one was the first one I got years ago, now it contains my homemade lip scrub that I made (reusing the tin). I moved onto the Rose and almond oil Vaseline because I wanted something a a little tint. Although I only use them at home anyway, any form of pot/tin that requires me to dip a finger in I will never take out with me to use on the go. Even at home I have to use a Q-tip to dip it in to get the product out, just because I have a cleanliness ocd ahaha. I used to apply the Vaseline before I go to bed, and by morning my lips felt great! Soft and smooth, no dryness. But then throughout the day if i don't reapply then my lips will slowly dry out again. I did recently purchase the stick form of Vaseline though! Just haven't used it yet because I still have so many lip balms to go through so I don't wanna open up another one.

Out of the Maybelline Baby Lips range, I think the 'Hydrate' one (the stick is blue) was the best. I finished that in no time, it smelt nice and felt okay on my lips. It is not pictured because I threw it out ages ago because I finished it. It was a great handbag lipbalm. Now the tinted ones pictured above are hardly used by me, just because they only look nice on my lips when there aren't any dry patches and flaking on my lips. Because these are coloured, it does highlight the dryness on my lips. They all smell very nice and the tints come off in nice colours, but just due to the fact that I'm trying to treat my lips at the moment, they are not used as often as I would like to use them.

The Clinque chubby stick is good, its a nice soft subtle tint to the lips and hydrating. I keep this in my handbag for when I want to add a little pink to my lips while I'm out.

Final Verdict: Will repurchase.

L'Occitane Baume Levres and DHC lip cream

Finally, onto the ones that have made a big difference to my lips, my holy grails!!

The L'Occitane baume levres is the first out of the two that I got my hands on, and oh my gosh I fell in love with the product! It really helped my lips stop drying out and flaking all together. No more biting and pulling at peeled skin on the lips! It's also great that its a stick form so I could carry it around with me as well. The smell is very faint but nice, and the feel on the lips is like you aren't wearing anything. There's no shine or tint so it's even suitable for men.

The DHC lip cream I had to get from abroad as it isn't available to purchase here in the UK. This one was from Hong Kong (Thanks Sophie <3). This is my current lip balm right now since I finished the L'Occitane one, I carry the DHC with me everywhere. It is hydrating, has a creamy feel when applied, there is a slight shine to lips, and there is also a slight scent but it isn't strong at all. The packaging is cute and dainty as it is a slim stick, pink and simple.

Thanks to both of these products, my lips have stopped peeling and I have no urge to bite and pull at my lips anymore! Hooray

Final Verdict: Will  definitely repurchase!!!

I'm more likely to repurchase the L'Occitane lip balm though, just because it is more accessible to me. The DHC will have to wait until I myself, or any friends/family goes to Asia and can pick me up another one!

Until next time~

Saturday, 11 April 2015

I'm back on Youtube!

With a no mirror makeup challenge! Check the video below and subscribe!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Macaron Trinket box

I've been wanting one of these for ages since I first saw them, about 2 years ago. I saw that they had them in Urban Outfitters, but in the US. NOT UK! I was so sad. But this year one of my friends went to New York, and I was lucky enough for her to pick one up for me <3 

The quality of it isn't what I expected for the price of it. The paint chips off pretty easily.. I think I might end up painting over it in a similar colour, then putting clear nail polish/top coat over it. Maybe that will help stop it from chipping so easily!

It's a pretty little handy trinket box, which I'm gonna use to keep my small jewelry in when traveling or staying over places (so I don't lose earrings/rings). The company that makes these is called 'Two's Company", search Macaron trinket box.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cute cup = makeup brush holder

Decided to use this cup that I've had for years now (Thanks Sab <3) to hold/store my makeup brushes. It has two cute faces and arm handles! It comes with a lid and spoon straw too (not pictured). My friend got this from Malaysia as a souvenir when she went~ Asia always has all the best cute stuff. 

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