Monday, 3 February 2014

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream


Note: My skin complexion is combination.

I have been using this BB Cream for 3 years now. Initially I started with the sheer glowing skin one, but I found it made my face far too shiny, so I switched to Sheer Silky Skin.

The BB creams come in SPF 30 which is good if you're the type that doesn't want your face to tan at all. I live in the UK so there's hardly much sun that's strong enough to tan anyone here. 

This leaves a matte finish to my face, but I like to apply HD powder after. Also throughout the day I will need to at least use blotting sheets to get rid of excess oils on my face.

A little goes a long way with BB cream, I use tiny pumps and not one full pump as that would be too much to use for my face. I apply BB Cream with a foundation brush (or a makeup sponge works well), I avoid using my fingers because I don't like using them to apply makeup.

This BB Cream is light on my face, and it does whiten my skin, which I love. Although I found it applied better to my face when I wore it during my holiday in Vietnam where it was more humid. My skin is dry in the UK, which results in dry patches on my face sometimes after BB Cream application.

Overall, I like the coverage it gives as I don't need to use much of it anyway, it's a light coverage which is perfect for me (although if you want a heavier coverage then just use more). 

I will be sticking to Etude house BB Cream, in fact I recently purchased the Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream which I will review later!

Also another to add, I only use BB cream in summer when my skin actually needs the SPF protection.

Product Rating: ★★★★★  

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