Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tsubasa Inspired Nails

I haven't painted my nails for while, and so today I decided to do Tsubasa inspired nails.
I came across this photo of her:

I liked her nails so I attempted it myself (this is my second time doing this by the way!)
I find it pretty easy to do as it's only painting the tips, except for the one black nail of course. One difference I've done is instead of drawing the heart and bow on the black nail, I've just used glitter nail polish (as that looks really time consuming to do >.<). Using glitter nail polish (the ones with the little AND big specs) still look pretty to me! But of course if you're skilled enough to draw the heart and bow, please do so! Also, obviously you can use any colour you want as I have :) I'm sure some of you won't have the exact same colours that Tsubasa has on, or mine, so choose whatever you like. I myself don't have a baby pink so I used a blue instead hehe. Here are mine:

And a nail tutorial~!

Now I'll give you the polish details that I used :)

Staring from left to right:
MoYou - Yellow
NYNC - Fuchsia
BarryM - Vivid Purple (161)
BarryM - Pure Turquoise (295)
BarryM - Black (47)
N.Y.C. - Starry Silver Glitter (105A)
L.A. Colors - Base Coat

More photos ^0^

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hair Accessories

I think I buy waaaay too many hair accessories, for a person that rarely wears any!! I just can't help myself.

Here is a photo of all my alice bands / headbands lol:

The breakdown

These 3 are in the "Anime expo/Dress up" category. As you can see, they are pretty over the top and not really suitable for everyday wear haha.

Where I got these
The furry ears - I made them
The cat ears - Claires
The big bow - DIY, I took the bow off from an old top of mine and just attached it to a plain black alice band.

Now these alice bands all have something attached to the side of it, which I consider to be more wearable everyday. However, I've grown out of the whole wearing Hello Kitty and bows on my head for now (It makes me look like a child!) I'm trying to look my age at least... aha xD

Where I got these
Starting from the top
Denim blue alice band with star detail - Claires
Blue bow alice band - Vietnam
Yellow Hello Kitty double alice band - Vietnam
Pink bow polka dot alice band - Claires
Black alice band with black&white bow detail - Claires
Cream white bow alice band - Primark
Green (It looks black in the photo for some reason :/) bow alice band - Primark
Pink Hello Kitty double alice band - Vietnam

Just your average plain coloured alice bands, not going to bother saying where I got these because you can pretty much get them anywhere!

My headbands. I wear these the most out all of the above, except for the blue one, I use that to keep my hair out of my face during my skincare routines. The wrap-around band has been used a few times since I got it about a month or so ago? The plaited double band was used when I had brown / orange hair, it stood out more on lighter coloured hair, I don't wear it any more since I dyed my hair black again (although my hair is gradient black to brown atm lol). Worn the black flower out 2 times only, I think it's too much tbh haha.
The feather ones I actually got today! I've never really been a fan of the whole feather thing... but something just drew me to it today (impulse buy) and I actually quite like them :) I'll be wearing these when I go out (THAT'S IF MY MUM LETS ME OUT!).

Where I got these
Wrap-around band - Primark
Blue band - New Look
Both feather bands - Primark
Black plaited double band - Claires
Black flower band - Claires

Now for my hair clips:

Erm, I'm not going to say where I got these, because they are pretty average? But if you want to know then just ask me.

And finally, my hairbands:

That's it for this post! Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

E.L.F Haul

A few weeks ago, E.L.F did a massive offer (50% of when you spend £30 or more)! I couldn't resist that and just had to do some shopping! I told my cousin about E.L.F the day before as she had never heard about it, then the next day they do this offer?? How lucky are we!

Me and her decided to order together since we'd be at the same office anyway, and also to reach the £30 mark faster. In the end, we went over haha. We added some nail polishes in at the end last minute.

Here is what I got:

1 - 2 Studio Stipple Brushes
2 - Eyelid Primer
3 - Cool Bronzer
4 - Blusher (Peachy)
5 - Complexion Perfection
6 - Mineral Eyeliner (Coffee)
7 - Nail Polish (Champagne & Teal)
8 - Studio Powder Brush
9 - Blusher/Bronzer brush
10 - Blending Brush

Pretty happy with the stuff I got! I am pleased with the brushes (I wish I got another blusher/bronzer and powder brush!! Oh well... next time haha). Though The blending brush is a little... bad? As in quality wise, it isn't as soft as the other brushes =T But I haven't used it yet so I don't know.

I honestly don't know why I got 2 stipple brushes, I don't need them :/ Oh well... aha maybe because I don't use foundation at the moment? Save that for later then...
This is the first bronzer I've gotten, ever. I've wanted to get some for a while but I didn't have brushes for it or anything yet, so this was the opportunity to get it all at once! Pleased with this product too :)

The Complexion perfection is also good, I use that instead of my translucent powder now haha xD

I'm disappointed with the nail polishes, I thought the colours looked nice on the website swatches, but when I put it on, It was disgusting (in my opinion). The teal colours comes out green more than a teal ): and the champagne one is just horrible. I'm not going to buy nail polish online any more, this was my first time as well, never again. It's a hit and miss because sometimes it will look nice in the bottle, but when you put it on it's totally different. Going to stick to my Barry-M and Beauty Base polishes ha.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My cosmetics collection (so far)

Just thought I'd share my collection with my readers ^-^
I'm not a make-up enthusiast or anything by the way. Here's a photo of all my cosmetics:

Is that a lot? I've seen people with much more, but then again, I've seen people with barely any... lol. I don't use all of the products pictured there _^ Some of it is un-opened, some is really old (I like to keep old/expired make-up for art haha)

Out of all of that, these are the ones I do use:

AAAAAND these are the ones I use for my "everyday casual going out face" haha:

Um, I might review some products (if i'm bothered, i'm really lazy) I'll do some with my new E.L.F products sometime soon though!
And I was thinking of making a video of my daily routine for my youtube channel? I shall see~~

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I went for a 5 day trip to the Netherlands! (Holland and Germany)and loved it! The only bad thing was that it was only 5 days long ): Definitely want to go back there one day, it's really nice and i want to see more of places.

A shop called Britain in Holland xD

Cheese Factory!

Windmills at the cheese factory ^.^


Red light district

Hyper Japan

For those of you that don't know, Hyper Japan is a Japanese cultural event where people will get to taste Japanese food, try out new games, purchase merchandise, manga, kawaii stuff, cosplay, and see special guests. There will also be some freebies given away at the event, this year they gave out free Yakult, eco friendly bags, natural lip balms, sunglasses, sweets and possibly some other stuff I may have missed!

This year the event was held at Kensington Olympia, a much larger venue than last time which is good. Once I arrived on the Friday, the queue was already quite long, but since I was a volunteer, I went straight up to the door and walked in :) (Though I didn't know if I was allowed to do that or not.. I just did not want to wait in the queue as I was by myself >.< ) I spoke to another volunteer and see said that she queued up to get in lol... oh well. Once I was in, I got quite confused and didn't know where to go first. My friends were already inside the venue somewhere, I tried to call one of them but there was no reception inside for me!! So I just walked to my right and scanned around the whole place from there. A random photographer walked in front of me and just snapped away at my face! >=[ bet that was a mug shot and a half boy.

I found them in the lower floor of the venue and we checked out the stalls and played on the Nintendo 3DS. It was pretty cool, but gave me a headache looking at it.
We made these flowers out of napkins for some Japanese festival decorations that were going to be sent back to Japan:

And also wrote messages for them (for the Earthquakes)

Then I had to leave and start my volunteering for the event, I had to stamp peoples hands!

Saturday. Day 2 of volunteering for the event. When I got there, OMG the queue was bloody huge. (Since it was a Saturday, of course it will be busy) I thought to myself "I AM NOT QUEUING UP TO GET IN" So Like I did yesterday, I walked to the front and used the "Exit/Re-entry" door to walk in. Nobody checked me though :/ So that just makes it easy for anyone to just walk in without paying lol...

Again, my role was stamping hands. But then it got a bit too hectic as so many people were trying to get in and the venue was not big enough to let them all in. People in the queue started to complain that it was taking too long (far enough). Then the organiser took the hand stamping away and told us that we couldn't stamp any more and people were not allowed re-entry to allow space for the others to get in. Hyper Japan was over capacity as they were not expecting that large amount of people to turn up!

We got sent outside to do some crowd control and tell the people that they were very sorry and that if they wanted a refund, they can go to the front and queue up to get one. I didn't come across any angry people thankfully (maybe because I was near the front of the queue haha).
Stood out there for about 3 hours? X_X
People kept asking to take photos of me as well (I was dressed as a Japanese school girl, with a cat paw and fox tail attached to the side of my skirt, and big bow on my head lol)

It was embarrassing having to pose in front of all the people in the queue >_< This guy that was from the press (not sure which one) came up to me and asked to take photos, started ordering me around lol *cringe* I have no idea where those photos taken of me from Saturday are, I can't find them! Damn. I only managed to find 2 photos of me, but they were from the Friday (Boo) I can't upload them so just click these to see: PHOTO 1
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