Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lip Balms

I've tried many various lip balms in my life time since I was young, and I realised that I have never actually finished one!

I remember my first one by The Body Shop, in a tangerine flavour, it's so old (when I was 5-6?) that they don't sell that product anymore. I still have it back at home and it's quite full. I stopped using it because it's in a small tub and it always got under my nails when I dip my finger in to use some so it got annoying.

Then I switched to a Superdrugs branded one in cherry, I chucked that away because I hated the taste of it and it melted in my pocket! I put it in my jeans pocket and the friction inside the pocket somehow managed to twist the chapstick up and it went everywhere inside :/

Then I stopped using any for a while after that because I couldn't be bothered and I was a child and it didn't bother me and felt like a chore lol.

When I got to college, that's when I started to wear a bit of makeup, and looked into lip balms again. Decided to go for Nivea Lip Care in Pearl & Shine ~ 
And guess what, it's still really full. I actually don't remember why I stopped using this one... maybe i'll give it another chance and I'll review it properly in a later post.

I purchased Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera ~

It's still full too. Hahaha. Again, it's a tub design, and I hate tubs!!!!

My friend Sabrina then introduced me to EOS Sphere lipbalms, as they were getting raved about so much.

We managed to bag them from Urban Outfitters in the UK, but they don't sell them anymore unfortunately. We both got it in Summer Fruits. I've used a quarter of mine. I find it leaves my lips dry still... the smell and taste of it is nice though! And I love the design and application of it, very cute packaging and easy to apply evenly to the lips.

From EOS, I jumped to Carmex in Cherry.

I'm not sure about this one though. The flavour is nice (though my boyfriend doesn't like the taste of it) I still find my lips dry, but maybe because I don't use it as often as I should? I need to get into the habit of using them all the time...

I was rummaging through my makeup bag and found my Lancome Sweet Balm in 02 Lait Fraise.

It's full. This is the one I am going to use now, so I will post a review of that later on as well!

Mission to find the perfect lip balm is now on! 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review: BarryM Texture and Gelly Paints

So today I impulsed bought 2 nail paints by BarryM, because I saw them on offer at Superdrugs! 2 for £6... lol. I haven't actually painted my nails for a long time since I've been at uni and I can't be bothered. But now I'm at home in London for a few days I've quickly picked up my old habits hahaha.

These are the colours I got:
[Left]Textured Nail Effect in Atlantic Road. [Right]Gelly in Lychee
No top coat
No top coat
Tried them both on, I didn't really know what to expect from these as I haven't read any reviews on them before. I really like the Gelly Lychee, the colour is so nice and neutral. It paints on thinly as well which is good, the consistency of the formula is great! It's extra glossy too so you don't really need a top coat ontop of it :) But I do it anyway.

As for the textured effect, I'm not entirely a huge fan... It's an interesting effect but I'm a person that likes to use top coats, and upon applying it, it obviously smoothed out the textured effect so it's less textured, see the photos~
With top coat
With top coat
 If you look really really close, there will be small tiny bubbles with holes in it... I think the colour is good for summer, kinda like an ice cream, melted ice cream colour.

Textured Nail Effect in Atlantic Blue: ★★★☆☆
Gelly in Lychee: ★★★★★

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Review: GEO Milky Way (Xtra Lavender) Grey

My first lens purchase of 2013! I felt like straying away from the natural looking brown/black circle lenses that I usually go for, and decided to go for GEO Milk Way Grey! I've always wanted to try grey contacts, and now I finally am^-^

The Review:

I bought these from Eyecandy's. They took about 2 weeks to ship it to me and I'm based in the UK.

As per usual, they are really comfortable, can't feel anything. Creates the big eye effect expected from a circle lens.

This is the before and after effect shown on the website of what the lenses will look like.

Upon trying them on, I noticed that it was different from what is shown.
Without Flash
Without flash
With Flash

With flash

The lenses appear more blue/green in person than that it does grey on me. Even my friends thought that I was wearing blue/green lenses.

The comments I received from people where that I looked fake and I looked like a doll...

Final Verdict
I'm not entirely happy with the lenses, as the colour was not as I expected it to be when I put them on. But it's new for me... maybe because it's different I'm just not used to them haha. I Won't be buying this colour again for sure.

Comfort ★★★★★
Colour ★★☆☆☆
Service ★★★★☆

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