The following is obvious as the title says it all! ^-^

♡ Macaron trinket box 
Pusheen plushie (Grey or white, can be found on eBay!)
♡ A new watch 
♡ Instyler
♡ Velour Lashes
♡ Les Merveilleuses Face Color Rose Ladurée
♡ Pencil skirts
♡ Tailored shorts
♡ Earring Stand/display
♡ BB Cushions/ Foundation Cushions
♡ Face highlighter 
♡ Infuser water bottle
♡ White/nude casual everyday bag (my white longchamp is nearing the end of its life)
♡ Selfie stick
♡ White/light grey wool coat

♡ Ipod dock/speakers
♡ Cute earphone plugs for phones
♡ Shu Uermura eyelash curlers Thank you Wan ♥
♡ Cute Samsung Galaxy S3 phone cases/bumpers/wallets
♡ Garnier Sakura product range
♡ Nude platform heels 
White/Black Givenchy Antigona bag
♡ Mulberry 
Lacoste touch of pink (mine ran out >_<)
♡ Plano circle lenses - ( GEO Cafe Waffle Grey , GEO Angel Grey CM-835, GEO Berry Cessy Grey CM-901, GEO Berry Cessy Brown CM-902)   
Cute/Pretty Samsung Galaxy S3 diary phone case
♡ Brown/ pure white fox tail keychain
♡ Cardigans
♡ Jumpers
♡ Sweaters
Damaged/dry hair treatment
Laptop case/bag
(Gaming) Headset Thanks Sam
♡ White fluffy ear muffs (with a thin headband)
Hair curling wand/tong
♡ Portable external hard drive  
♡ All Eyeko beauty products
♡ Naked 3
♡ My Beauty Diary face masks
♡ Tony Moly Tomatox 
Portable phone charger

♡ Naked Palette & Naked 2
♡ Polaroid Camera, with plenty of film Thank you Nelsy <3 :)
♡ Jeffery Campbell's (Black/white Lita studded heels) 
♡ Get my ears pierced hahaha  Went with Uyen ^^
♡ LWD (Little white dress for those that don't understand) 
♡ The perfect pair of white high heels 
♡ Still in need of a nice clutch as well 
♡ I need a new Wallet Thank you Nelsy <3 birthday present. Love you ♥
♡ And a handbag  Thank you baby <3333
♡ Nice pretty rings that fit my tiny skinny fingers ;-;  
Hoya Bella - Shooting Star plant
To go to high tea  Went with Wan and Chrissy :D
Geo nudy grey & brown contact lenses
More Polaroid film Thanks Carmen P <33
♡ Tiffany
♡ Micheal Kors Thank you babyyyyy <333333
♡ Cute collar cuffs/brooches
♡ Oxford shoes
♡ Pretty bracelets (that fits, i'm skinny) 
♡ Miss Dior Eau De Parfum Thanks Wan!
♡ New laptop Thanks to my mummy who gave me money to buy a Sony Vaio ^^♥
♡ White lace dress
♡ Big long massive grey wooly scarf Thanks Helena :D
♡ Lots of cute stationary    
♡ Black leather shorts
♡ Polaroid photo album for fujifilm instax 

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