Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Found this photo on my old phone, along with many others lol. This was 2 months ago? Never bothered to upload them anywhere so I'll just put one here.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Looking at ways to build up arm muscle online.
There is a picture of a guy on the floor on both hands and knees. U thought the guy had a beer belly..

Me: look at his belly!
Steven: ... It's his shirt going down...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chocolate bunny

Happy Easter ^^

Happy Easter. I still haven't eaten the chocolate bunny, It's too cute haha.
Good day for a nice glass of cafe sua da! Yum

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blast from the past

The next few posts underneath this one are imported from my tumblr. The order goes from oldest to newest~

Hertfordshire (10 months ago)

had to wake up at 6:30 today in order to make it ontime to the Hertfordshire university open day.
However, i did not realise that waking up at 6:30 only gave me half an hour to get ready!! LOL. It was 6:45 and i was still using the bathroom, my daily cleansing routine and all. Look at the time, SHIT I’m supposed to leave the house at 7! Start to rush.
Didn’t realise i could get ready in half an hour, until today. I usually take around an hour to get ready haha.
But this meant i had no breakfast. My mummy woke up early just to make me a sandwhich ♥ I love my mum ^-^
Met up with Sabrina & Fatima, and off to kings cross station. Once there, we had to find Gary. Sabrina called to ask where he was. We walk towards where he said, then he said we are going the wrong way, so we went the other way. Where be Gary?
Turns out we were going the right way before! Walk for nothing! Lol
Gary saw a Tom Cruise Lookalike working on a newsagents stall outside the station haha
The journey to Hertfordshire did not last very long xD perfect.
Once out the station, we have no idea where to walk. We go up to a parked bus and knock on the door to ask for directions. The bus driver doesnt listen and she shouts something at us from behind the doors (he didnt even open it for us -_-) we knock again and say “we need to ask you a question” And the driver just gave us some madlook, and i think he started to curse =_= WHY SO RUDE?
He finally opened the door and said “what do you want” in some rude manner. Uh we just wanted to ask for directions to Hertfordshire uni… JEEZ.
We decided to walk to the uni, because we are cheap like that and didnt want to pay for the bus HAHA. We did not know what lay ahead though.
That journey was very long and it kept going uphill, then downhill. Legs ached. We were all hungry, sun shining on us. We thought we were lost a couple of times as well, which made it seem longer.
My bestie <3 LOST.
(This is Gary in despair when we got lost haha XD)
Finally made it to our destination though, in agony.
I it there, very modern, nice “common room” called ‘the forum’, it has an auditourium, bars, slick.
(I forgot to take pictures of the nice bars downstairs! Yes its two floors xD)
Atmosphere was nice as well.
Has a nice shopping center, with nice shops. That was another thing that made me like the place even more :D
Also, we were being cheap when we had to go back, so we walkedAGAIN!
Well, thats like two weeks of my excerise done. =P
I was wearing my boots, and they are hard soled, so not good for walking long distances. Does not help that we went shopping yesterday, walked for ages. So those two days of walking… too much. Feet hurt. haha


Oooo I remember this day! Pizza Express in Westfields with Sabrina and Fatima. We paid the exact amout for the bill haha.

Star Fruit & Nectarine

My short hair, culred.

Getting used to short hair now :D
Loving it.

French toast & Nutella

Again. xD But with Nutella as well this time P=

"The Shard"

The Cheesegrater

With & without lenses

With &amp; Without lense. oooo

Nail Art?

This nail design was from around February. 
Painted my nails today since I had free time. Its been 4 months since I last painted them.

The stars, flowers and bow are printed on by using this nail art thing I purchased in westfields! It's called Moyou, and it is really easy to use!


Oh yes...

Going back to the topic of rings, I googled the thing about rings making fingers green. I came across a solution, and that was to use 50% household ammonia mixed with 50% water, and leave the ring in there for about a day or two.

I don't know what the hell claires rings are made out of, but that DESTROYED my ring. Not happy. I emptied the ammonia/water solution and rinsed it etc etc, looked at the ring, and some parts were BROWN. >=[ I took it out for closer inspection, and the silver rubbed off on my hand. But just to make sure, I rubbed at it even more lol. The majority of the ring was brown now haha. Attempted to "fix" that by getting a silver graffiti pen and going over it! LLOL. Came out streaky. I put a layer of nail varnish top coat all over the ring, inside and out to seal it. Now it feels plasticy, and looks weird... don't think I'll be wearing that ring anymore...

Anyway, the simplest solution to avoid your fingers going green with rings is to get clear nail varnish (top coat/ base coat/ whatever) and paint the inside of the ring. This creates a barrier from the nickel/copper traces on the ring from contacting your skin and reacting to it. I tried this with another ring and it worked. So simple and doesn't stink up the place making it smell like ammonia (which smells like hairdye if you didn't know)

So it looks like I can wear them, confidently, now, thanks to clear nail varnish. So useful that thing, it can be used to stop ladders in tights getting worse. Should carry a bottle in your bag just in case! :D

The circumference of my fingers is about 5.5cm. So small -.- adjustable rings for me ._.

I think I should do a post about "what I always carry in my bag" sort of thing, at a later date.


Package arrived today, at 8:30. I was asleep then all I hear is a loud knocking and banging at the door, then loads of rings on the door bell. Scared the hell out of me. My mum went to open the door thought ( I was too lazy to get up). She put the package on my desk.
I fell asleep again and woke up at 12 something... haha.
Elf makeup yay! The eyeshadow palette came free! With orders over £10 ^^

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Do it, buy it, get it.

I went shopping yesterday with Sabrina, and picked up these things! The outfit combo was unintentional! It worked out pretty well though.

I like it, but my mum said the cape shirt looks weird because I have small shoulders. Maybe I'll try the whole outfit on later and see.
Gave into Sabrina's "BUY IT DO IT GET IT" and got a hat too haha ><;
I added the bow on because it was a guys hat, just to add a little feminine touch to it, its removable as I just spotted it through the ribbon that was already on it.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Strawberry Drink

A nice refreshing glass of freshly mushed strawberries, with 2 table spoons of sugar and some water.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


I've always liked rings, but my fingers are so thin and skinny It's hard to find any that fit me properly!

The big bow ring. It's adjustable, and it used to have a flower on it, until I ripped that off and stuck the now I made onto the ring base.

The rings on my right hand, I've had them ever since high school. The skull one is also adjustable ^^ the other is a thumb ring by the way, not an oversized ring that doesn't fit my fingers so I put it on my thumb lol :P
The only down side to these is that I remember that they turned my fingers green...  I put them on today to see if they still do.
About 15 minutes later, my thumb started to go green (faintly) I took it off because I don't want it to go more green lol D:
Ahh I just remembered the "love" set rings. Those don't fit me and they are SMALL size. Fml. There is a lot of space too.

Guess I can't wear fake rings made from random cheap metal or whatever they are made of... FML :(
I have other rings made from gold... but I don't really like gold, and they aren't, let's say, "fashionable" enough for me.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Brother playing left4dead2
Brother: round two. This time, revive me you stupid bitches!!

I don't know why I like to keep empty packaging... I just don't want to throw them away, but It's a clutter on my desk do these have to go lol.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Brownies and ice cream for me and Steven


I got this jacket from river island :) had my eye on this for a while, and I saw it on sale on Tuesday, but doubt get it until Thursday.
Original price= £54.99
I purchased for = £25
Oh I also returned the dress as it was difficult for me to wear :( pretty dress...

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I went to westfields today. I didn't think I would go because I thought about going in the morning, the main motive was to look for IU, even though I have no idea where she would be in the whole of London!
Fangirl. I'm such a Fangirl ^^;
Anyway, Kaisha wanted to go eat ice cream because it was s nice hot day. Well, not nice to me, its too hot for me.
I decided to go last minute in the hope of maybe bumping into IU. I didn't. :'(
Didn't buy anything. No good things. Ealing has better stuff, I'm checking river island again tomorrow because I want to get a jacket. I also need to return the dress I bought. Reason being, It's too difficult for me to wear.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Steven: No I don't
Me: Yes you do
Steven: When?
Me: When you drink (American accent) Waterrr
Steven: No. I don't drink (American accent) Waterrr. I drink WOH-ER

Black magic tip.

I noticed that to get bigger cracks, you need to do harder brush strokes. If you do a light one, the cracks will be small... if you look at my index finger, that is the best pattern I achieved out of all my strokes, due to pressing hard with the brush.

So more pressure = better cracks.

Mid season sales

Walked past river island. Saw sale signs, I ran in. Jeez I'm a sucker for sales haha ^^"
I got the dress for £15, and the top for £6!! BARGAIN!!!
Really happy. Also saw a jacket I might get, need to go again as I didn't have time to shop properly. Had to get to my next lesson lol ><
- Rachel xx

Monday, 4 April 2011


Really have no reason to upload this, just trying to see why my photos upload with that reflection ><
Made these on Friday.
Chocolate covered cereal.
- Put chocolate in a heat proof bowl and place over a pan of boiling water. I used dark chocolate but use which ever chocolate you want.
- Once the chocolate is melted, pour in some cereal and mix it up. Pour more cereal until the mix us evenly coated.
- Spoon into cupcake holders then put on a try and refrigerate.
Really simple and so nice!!


I'm posting this from my phone so I don't know the layout of this post ><
So the first photo, I painted my nails with a brownish purple colour, then put a layer of glitter on top.

Second photo, barryM black magic.
That was just an impulse buy as I passed superdrugs haha, went in to check it out, then thought I might as well buy it. My intention was to buy a fluffy eye shadow brush and brown smokey eye shadow palette, but I didn't get either.

BarryM isn't bad, still gotta try OPI and see if there is any difference at all, except got the very different prices!

- Rachel xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

One other thing.

I need to get my head around using blogger now! Might take a while, so the layout and stuff will probably change a lot haha



Hello, I decided to make ANOTHER blog because my Tumblr now consists of reblogs. My personal posts just get lost within them!

THIS will purely have posts about me, like for example, photos of what i've seen/took. What I've been up too and such. My private tumblr will contain my personal private life.
And of course, my micro blog aka Twitter is the other. Does Youtube count as well? Only if im actively posting on it, which i currently am not. (yet)

I'll think about digging up my personal posts from my public tumblr and reposting on here. I've forgotten what i've even put up on there hahaha oh dear.

I shall do that when i have time, so for now...

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