Monday, 20 June 2011

PPQ S/S 11

Favourite picks:

Cat power

Staying with the theme of cats, check out PPQ's A/W 11 collection! Notice that the models are wearing cat inspired headwear, something I think should stay on the catwalk...

Aurea Praga

Aurea Praga is a jewellery maker and designer, check out her blog [here] and her etsy store [here]

They are the most beautiful hand crafted pieces of jewellery I have seen, very unique and so cute!

My favourite one has to be the kitten ears ring:

If you know me, you will know that I LOVE cats ^^

KronKron Shoes

I came across a feature of these shoes by Kron in a magazine, and oh my gosh I fell in love! Their shoes are just SO SO GORGEOUS!

Here's a direct link to their website ^^ [Click Here]

Friday, 17 June 2011

Lucido-L Designing Tube Moist Hair Cream

This week on my facebook group, I'm giving away a Lucido-L hair product (pictured above).
This product is desinged for dry/damaged hair, you apply it on dry bits, and it will make your hair silky smooth all day! People with frizzy hair may also use this product :)

It is a Japanese hair product, and you I would think that this would be hard to come by if you live outside of Asia, SO, for a chance to win this FOR FREE simply click the following link to go to my facebook page: click here and find the GIVE-A-WAY post, like the post, and follow the instruction on there!!

The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday 21st, and be contacted via facebook inbox.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jason Wu pre-spring 2012

Looking through this collection, these two are my favourites!

Ahh I just love these, smart and elegant

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Weekly give-a-way commencing now!

Hello lovies!

I'd just like to announce that I'm doing a give-a-way every week on facebook!
[Click here to go to page] Every week, the product will change to another product, so be sure to like the page to keep up with the give-a-ways :)

The products are from the E-store!

Make sure you "LIKE" and COMMENT on the give-a-way post to be in with a chance to win!

Monday, 6 June 2011

The almighty Circle Lense!

Many Ulzzangs, Idols & Models are seen wearing circle lenses almost all the time. Circle lenses are used to enhance the eyes, giving you a more "doll face" look. Another reason is to have a 'Manga' characteristic, as you all know, Manga characters have really nice big eyes. Circle lenses help us achive a manga or 'animated' look, and they also make you look more "cute".

Why & how is it different to normal contact lenses? Well, hence the given name 'Circle lense' these lenses feature an extra black ring, which makes your eyes appear larger than usual.

Circle Lenses are now really fashionable as many Asians all over the world are wearing them. Ever since Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" Video, she was shown to have really big massive eyes, and now the Westerners have found out about circle lenses and are now wearing it themselves. We all know that Lady Gaga is a really massive fashion icon at the moment, even all the way in Japan, girls are imitating her outfits from her videos such as Just Dance, Poker Face & Bad Romance.

Big eyes is an easy and simple way to grab attention to your face, you can wear them by themselves and they still take effect. Maybe on a lazy day when you don't have time to do your make up, just pop in a pair of circle lenses! They also come in a variety of colors and you're bound to find one...or a few that you will love to wear.

I'll show you guys the ones i got, and their effect. This is how the color will appear on people with naturally brown eyes. Effects/colors may vary depending on natural eye color.

Here is a picture of the circle lenses in its casing~
*Note: Photos of eyes taken in natural lighting.

GEO 1-Tone Black Series


As you can see, it has enhanced my eyes and created a nice black ring around my eyes, defining them more.

Coloured Lenses~

GEO Angel Series


Because my eyes are brown, you can see that the purple is darker than it actually is. Its much more noticeable as it looks unnatural.

GEO Magic 2-Tone Series


My first thoughts when I put these in was that I looked like a Vampire from Twilight or something (haha) These make me more scary looking and... fierce lets say.

I personally prefer natural looking lenses, like GEO 1-Tone Black Series or shades of brown. As i don't want to be extreme (yet) natural and subtle is what i'm going for right now. However, go for whatever you want! My next choice would be Angel Grey :p

If you're a first time wearer, and you're unsure of which one(s) to get, I say you should try out the lenses that is closest to your natural eye colour, this way you get used to the whole "bigger eyes" concept! However, if you're confident enough just change the whole colour completely, I say go for it! ^ ^

My first pair of lenses were GEO Olive Brown (OL-104). And the effect was this~

Sorry i don't have a better picture >.< but these got ruined because i ran out of contact lense solution and i put it in water instead... oopsy. Bad idea!! NEVER EVER DO THAT!! Always make sure you buy more solution when the current bottle only has about 1/4 left!

If anyone is wondering where i got these lenses, Click this banner:

Make sure you use my discount code "RUIXRAI" to receive 10% off your purchases! :)

Delivery is very fast and realiable, and she is really friendly. If you have any questions to ask her, she will provide you with excellent customer service :)

You also get a free lense case with every pair purchased!

Ready stock lenses are available in: 0.00 ONLY

Prescription lenses ONLY AVAILABLE in Batch Pre-Orders.

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