Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day out in Camden.

I haven't been able to properly explore Camden market yet, so I went with my cousins yesterday. When I arrived (late because of station closure and rail replacement buses take so bloody long) It was packed full of people, and the heat was just overbearing. Plus I was wearing all black so that made it even worse >_< luckily it cooled down throughout the rest of the day. Got some food (Chinese) it was oily and the "chicken" was mainly dough pieces, made me feel sick, didn't finish the food. So many things to look at it was kind of over whelming, so busy with people everywhere, and market stall people trying to grab your attention and talk to you... felt kinda bad for ignoring most of them but they are probably used to it. Most places had 'No photos' signs, but I tried to take some sly ones here and there. Also, there are some weird people in the area... attracted some unwanted attention, awkward. Here are some photos:

I bought one item, which was a grey/silvery dress for £5! It was the last one as well (on sale) Just so happened to be the first one I picked up in the shop (what luck).

Would like to go again, as there was a bubble tea place there that I wanted to try, however when we found it, it was closed :( haha.

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