Sunday, 3 July 2011


Doesn't look as nice as it does in the menu, (as with everything) but WOW this was so nice, especially on a very hot day (32 degrees to be precise!) Me and Sabrina did not want to leave place because it was TOO hot outside X_X


  1. Hello!
    Yummmm, it looks delicious...

    Hey, I saw your videos, the videos that you was teaching how to cut hair... I reaaaly loved, but i'm afraid to try >..<

    See yaa

  2. Hey Mila! ^ ^
    Hmm, the first time I attempted to cut my hair I was a bit cautious, that's why i always cut up in the hair instead of cutting straight, it minimises any mistakes, because it's just really a technique to layer. Cutting hair in that way is longer but patience will provide a nice outcome as long as you follow those steps i said :)


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