Tuesday, 23 December 2014

REVIEW: Garnier Olia permanant hair colour

It was time for me to do a root touch up as I've been dying my hair for many years now, 8 years to be exact! I've stuck to having some sort of brown shade for about 5 years, with the odd bleaching it ginger and attempting to go back to my natural hair colour here and there inbetween.

I picked up the new Garnier Olia dye pack as I saw it has no ammonia, and it's oil powered! My choice of colour is always a really light frosty/ashy/pearly blonde as this is the best way for people with naturally dark hair to achieve a lighter brown shade of dyed hair... It's notorious for us to end up with ginger tints everytime we dye our hair though. So I always expect it now.

I found the shape of the bottle slighter harder to grip compared to previous designs which is the standard cylinder shape. The applicator tip is also different to what I usually use which comes with a comb applicator, or foams and masks. All that said, it wasn't that bad, still did the job and all.

The smell of the formula is much better than others with a quite potent pang to it! I think that's the ammonia smell?

The way I apply hair dye when it's like this is a squirt a line across the roots and use a plastic tooth comb to distribute it through.

At the end my hair came out like this:

It came out pretty orange! It's not as orange anymore after a couple of washes and me trying out a new shampoo (for blondes)... I think it isn't the right chose of shampoo that I chose.. but i'll talk about that in another post :D

Final verdict is that I think this is one of the better hair dyes I have used! It isn't drying and does what I expect it to, the formula is brilliant too.

I won't say the best because my actual desired hair colour isn't achievable without having to bleach/lighten and tone it. Maybe I'll do it some day!

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