Monday, 1 December 2014

NEW: Jewellery Display

I've been wanting to get a jewellery display/stand for quite a while but I couldn't find a nice one, or they were too expensive for what it was. Then of course I looked on eBay and I found the perfect one, for a decent price!

The reason for wanting one in the first place is because I'd previously just kept them in boxes that they came in when I purchased them, and they were just stacking on top of each other and making it harder for me find the ones I wanted to wear, which takes up precious time for me getting ready!! So this was a must for me, and it had to be nice and pretty.

I like this design as there's 3 little birds on a tree. This came in either bronze/gold or silver, I opted for silver as the majority of my jewellery is silver at the moment... I might buy the bronze/gold one as well when i get more gold jewellery and my current one gets full.

The price I got this for is £7.30. In stores their ones were selling for around £16, and the design wasn't as nice a this one I found on eBay. I really love this! It even has a tray at the bottom for studs and things you can't hang.

When you receive the package, it will come in two parts. The tray and the branch needs to simply be screwed together and that's it! Simple. 

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