Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hertfordshire (10 months ago)

had to wake up at 6:30 today in order to make it ontime to the Hertfordshire university open day.
However, i did not realise that waking up at 6:30 only gave me half an hour to get ready!! LOL. It was 6:45 and i was still using the bathroom, my daily cleansing routine and all. Look at the time, SHIT I’m supposed to leave the house at 7! Start to rush.
Didn’t realise i could get ready in half an hour, until today. I usually take around an hour to get ready haha.
But this meant i had no breakfast. My mummy woke up early just to make me a sandwhich ♥ I love my mum ^-^
Met up with Sabrina & Fatima, and off to kings cross station. Once there, we had to find Gary. Sabrina called to ask where he was. We walk towards where he said, then he said we are going the wrong way, so we went the other way. Where be Gary?
Turns out we were going the right way before! Walk for nothing! Lol
Gary saw a Tom Cruise Lookalike working on a newsagents stall outside the station haha
The journey to Hertfordshire did not last very long xD perfect.
Once out the station, we have no idea where to walk. We go up to a parked bus and knock on the door to ask for directions. The bus driver doesnt listen and she shouts something at us from behind the doors (he didnt even open it for us -_-) we knock again and say “we need to ask you a question” And the driver just gave us some madlook, and i think he started to curse =_= WHY SO RUDE?
He finally opened the door and said “what do you want” in some rude manner. Uh we just wanted to ask for directions to Hertfordshire uni… JEEZ.
We decided to walk to the uni, because we are cheap like that and didnt want to pay for the bus HAHA. We did not know what lay ahead though.
That journey was very long and it kept going uphill, then downhill. Legs ached. We were all hungry, sun shining on us. We thought we were lost a couple of times as well, which made it seem longer.
My bestie <3 LOST.
(This is Gary in despair when we got lost haha XD)
Finally made it to our destination though, in agony.
I it there, very modern, nice “common room” called ‘the forum’, it has an auditourium, bars, slick.
(I forgot to take pictures of the nice bars downstairs! Yes its two floors xD)
Atmosphere was nice as well.
Has a nice shopping center, with nice shops. That was another thing that made me like the place even more :D
Also, we were being cheap when we had to go back, so we walkedAGAIN!
Well, thats like two weeks of my excerise done. =P
I was wearing my boots, and they are hard soled, so not good for walking long distances. Does not help that we went shopping yesterday, walked for ages. So those two days of walking… too much. Feet hurt. haha

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