Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oh yes...

Going back to the topic of rings, I googled the thing about rings making fingers green. I came across a solution, and that was to use 50% household ammonia mixed with 50% water, and leave the ring in there for about a day or two.

I don't know what the hell claires rings are made out of, but that DESTROYED my ring. Not happy. I emptied the ammonia/water solution and rinsed it etc etc, looked at the ring, and some parts were BROWN. >=[ I took it out for closer inspection, and the silver rubbed off on my hand. But just to make sure, I rubbed at it even more lol. The majority of the ring was brown now haha. Attempted to "fix" that by getting a silver graffiti pen and going over it! LLOL. Came out streaky. I put a layer of nail varnish top coat all over the ring, inside and out to seal it. Now it feels plasticy, and looks weird... don't think I'll be wearing that ring anymore...

Anyway, the simplest solution to avoid your fingers going green with rings is to get clear nail varnish (top coat/ base coat/ whatever) and paint the inside of the ring. This creates a barrier from the nickel/copper traces on the ring from contacting your skin and reacting to it. I tried this with another ring and it worked. So simple and doesn't stink up the place making it smell like ammonia (which smells like hairdye if you didn't know)

So it looks like I can wear them, confidently, now, thanks to clear nail varnish. So useful that thing, it can be used to stop ladders in tights getting worse. Should carry a bottle in your bag just in case! :D

The circumference of my fingers is about 5.5cm. So small -.- adjustable rings for me ._.

I think I should do a post about "what I always carry in my bag" sort of thing, at a later date.

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