Friday, 23 September 2011

E.L.F. Natural Lash Kit

I've never been a person to wear false lashes (even though I naturally have short lashes) I find them really long and hard to put on. I'm usually always rushing so I don't have time to put them on.

On the last E.L.F 50% off promotion, I decided to get 2 pairs of these lashes. I now have 3 false lashes all together (the third being Eyelure).

Once I received these lashes, I tried them on and trimmed them down to fit (so I don't have to do it later and waste time). Here is are some photos of me with the lashes on:

I like these, they make my eyes pretty, but these took me so long to put on properly... I need more practice... for 75p, it's well worth the money, though you can buy better on ebay? So if you can, just buy from ebay... you get more for your money on there for false lashes haha.

The glue supplied in the box is clear and dries clear. I found it stick pretty well, however when I was taking it off, it kind of hurt a little... I'm not sure if that's normal or not... perhaps it was just because I may have put them on wrong or something? It got stuck to an eyelash (just one) and that hurt. Other than that, all is good!


  1. So pretty! Do you think they're too much for everyday wear? I've been considering buying the same pair you got. (Also, even if you have short lashes, all you need is a curler and some mascara to accentuate them :) Yours look beautifully thick)

    1. Thanks! :) I don't think it's too much for everyday wear :) I myself wouldn't wear it everyday, simply because i'm lazy ^-^; but i know many people that wear falsies everyday!

      I didn't use a curler and mascara in those photos, it's all the effect of the lashes, my natural lashes are short (boo)


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