Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review: BarryM Texture and Gelly Paints

So today I impulsed bought 2 nail paints by BarryM, because I saw them on offer at Superdrugs! 2 for £6... lol. I haven't actually painted my nails for a long time since I've been at uni and I can't be bothered. But now I'm at home in London for a few days I've quickly picked up my old habits hahaha.

These are the colours I got:
[Left]Textured Nail Effect in Atlantic Road. [Right]Gelly in Lychee
No top coat
No top coat
Tried them both on, I didn't really know what to expect from these as I haven't read any reviews on them before. I really like the Gelly Lychee, the colour is so nice and neutral. It paints on thinly as well which is good, the consistency of the formula is great! It's extra glossy too so you don't really need a top coat ontop of it :) But I do it anyway.

As for the textured effect, I'm not entirely a huge fan... It's an interesting effect but I'm a person that likes to use top coats, and upon applying it, it obviously smoothed out the textured effect so it's less textured, see the photos~
With top coat
With top coat
 If you look really really close, there will be small tiny bubbles with holes in it... I think the colour is good for summer, kinda like an ice cream, melted ice cream colour.

Textured Nail Effect in Atlantic Blue: ★★★☆☆
Gelly in Lychee: ★★★★★

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