Thursday, 7 February 2013

Review: GEO Milky Way (Xtra Lavender) Grey

My first lens purchase of 2013! I felt like straying away from the natural looking brown/black circle lenses that I usually go for, and decided to go for GEO Milk Way Grey! I've always wanted to try grey contacts, and now I finally am^-^

The Review:

I bought these from Eyecandy's. They took about 2 weeks to ship it to me and I'm based in the UK.

As per usual, they are really comfortable, can't feel anything. Creates the big eye effect expected from a circle lens.

This is the before and after effect shown on the website of what the lenses will look like.

Upon trying them on, I noticed that it was different from what is shown.
Without Flash
Without flash
With Flash

With flash

The lenses appear more blue/green in person than that it does grey on me. Even my friends thought that I was wearing blue/green lenses.

The comments I received from people where that I looked fake and I looked like a doll...

Final Verdict
I'm not entirely happy with the lenses, as the colour was not as I expected it to be when I put them on. But it's new for me... maybe because it's different I'm just not used to them haha. I Won't be buying this colour again for sure.

Comfort ★★★★★
Colour ★★☆☆☆
Service ★★★★☆



  1. Thanks for your detailed review & photos;I just placed an order for these exact same lenses on this site,& wanted to see if I could find any real life photos of this lens (and this was even better because I have dark eyes too!). I really like them even better in your photos,& I'm really excited to get them now! I usually stuck with browns & blacks before,& this will be the first 'color' ones I try.

    1. Glad you found my review useful! :) Hope you enjoy your new lenses! These were my first colour ones too haha, I actually like these lenses now that i've gotten used to it!

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