Friday, 30 August 2013

Best eyelash glue?

Using false eyelashes used to be a turn off for me simply because every time I attempted to stick them on, it would peel off or half hang at some point during the day after application. Not good!

I realized it was the glue that was not working for me, the glue i first used is Eyelure lashfix strip lash adhesive:
Since these were the only ones selling in places like boots and superdrug, along with their eyelashes which comes with a mini bottle of lash glue. My first false lashes were from this brand.

I do not like this glue. It isn't sticky enough to last for a night out, or even during the day. The applicator is also quite big so it will leave massive blotches on the lash strip.

Product Review:

Now onto the next one:
THIS IS THE ONE. I love this lash glue, because of it's precision brush it is much easier to apply glue to the lash strip with no mess. My lashes stay on all day and night with no peeling from the sides! Perfect right?
The only problem I have with this lash glue is that it kind of clumped up inside? I'm not sure if this happened because I brought it with me to Vietnam and the change of climate messed with it (because my mum previously brought back a barry M nail varnish which went clumpy in Vietnam).

But that aside, this is still the best lash glue, one that I will be re-purchasing soon.

I would also like to note that I have only seen this available in Asda. I have tried looking for this in Boots, Superdrugs and Savers, with no luck in finding them there.

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