Friday, 30 August 2013

New Lip Balms!

Today I went out to the high street to pick up some stuff to bring with me to uni in a few weeks.
Then I came across these new lip balms by Maybelline - BABY LIPS

I got these from Boots, as they were also on offer for 3 for 2, priced at £2.99.
I picked up all three as the Blue Hydrate one has SPF 20 and is a clear lip balm.
The Orange one is Cherry Me, and is a red colour, the scent is a gorgeous sweet cherry!
The Pink one is Pink Punch that looks like a florescent pink, and smells like strawberry bubble gum, not the overly strong scent! 

Here are swatches of Pink Punch (left) and Cherry Me (right)
As you can see, it gives a very light tint of colour, perfect for a more natural look.
I have applied the Blue Hydrate one to my lips, and I already feel that it is moisturizing. More than Carmex, which I feel dries my lips after a while. 
I actually really like these lip balms, and since I have three, they will last me quite a while before I need to repurchase them :)
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