Friday, 30 August 2013

Review: GEO Grang Grang Choco HC-246

Hello! Been a long time since I last posted ANYTHING... oooppsyy..

First post of 2013 will be a circle lenses review. I've actually been meaning to do a review on these lenses for a while since I got them in the summer of 2012... ^-^;
Oh and FYI, I have brown eyes and wear Plano lenses~


I bought these from iwantcute, the seller is UK based so it's pretty fast at delivering! I'm very pleased they arrived so fast :)

The Review:
These lenses are 14.2mm, 1 year disposable.

As they are circle lenses, it makes my eyes look bigger, doll like and more animated (and fake lol). Sorry I don't have a better photo... lenses expired now and I can't take a new photo ahahah ._.
My boyfriends opinion on these is that he hates them because it makes me look soulless

Comfort rating: ★★★★★
5/5 because they feel like nothing! Very comfortable to wear, although it does get uncomfortable if you're sitting near a fan because it's drying up your eyes.. but that's with all lenses.. lol

These lenses are good for those that want a more natural look (basing on people with brown eyes like myself). It's less "soulless" looking compared to a black circle lense because of the added brown colour, it just defines the brown even more on my eyes, which is a plus.

Would I purchase these again? Yes I would, but right now, I want to try loads of different types and colours of lenses so I will not be re-purchasing them again any time soon!

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