Sunday, 30 November 2014

NEW: Lipstick storage

One problem of just storing ANY makeup in just a makeup bag is that you'll have to always dig around to look for the product you want. This got very annoying for me especially when I was in a rush to get ready in the mornings!!

I have a dedicated makeup drawer,which actually isn't big enough to fit everything I want so I have a makeup bag as well. 

I've already organised a lot of my makeup and my next step was to organise my lip products.

I had a look around and found the best deal on eBay (yet again) around £2.72 for a 12 slot lipstick holder! What a bargain. In TK Maxx, they were selling a 6 slot for £4.99.... I thought  that was too little for that price and I was right.

It's sturdy and nice, and great value for money! Definitely recommend buying off eBay! 

I will buy more when my lipstick collection get bigger for sure!

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