Thursday, 11 August 2011

E.L.F Haul

A few weeks ago, E.L.F did a massive offer (50% of when you spend £30 or more)! I couldn't resist that and just had to do some shopping! I told my cousin about E.L.F the day before as she had never heard about it, then the next day they do this offer?? How lucky are we!

Me and her decided to order together since we'd be at the same office anyway, and also to reach the £30 mark faster. In the end, we went over haha. We added some nail polishes in at the end last minute.

Here is what I got:

1 - 2 Studio Stipple Brushes
2 - Eyelid Primer
3 - Cool Bronzer
4 - Blusher (Peachy)
5 - Complexion Perfection
6 - Mineral Eyeliner (Coffee)
7 - Nail Polish (Champagne & Teal)
8 - Studio Powder Brush
9 - Blusher/Bronzer brush
10 - Blending Brush

Pretty happy with the stuff I got! I am pleased with the brushes (I wish I got another blusher/bronzer and powder brush!! Oh well... next time haha). Though The blending brush is a little... bad? As in quality wise, it isn't as soft as the other brushes =T But I haven't used it yet so I don't know.

I honestly don't know why I got 2 stipple brushes, I don't need them :/ Oh well... aha maybe because I don't use foundation at the moment? Save that for later then...
This is the first bronzer I've gotten, ever. I've wanted to get some for a while but I didn't have brushes for it or anything yet, so this was the opportunity to get it all at once! Pleased with this product too :)

The Complexion perfection is also good, I use that instead of my translucent powder now haha xD

I'm disappointed with the nail polishes, I thought the colours looked nice on the website swatches, but when I put it on, It was disgusting (in my opinion). The teal colours comes out green more than a teal ): and the champagne one is just horrible. I'm not going to buy nail polish online any more, this was my first time as well, never again. It's a hit and miss because sometimes it will look nice in the bottle, but when you put it on it's totally different. Going to stick to my Barry-M and Beauty Base polishes ha.

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