Friday, 12 August 2011

Hair Accessories

I think I buy waaaay too many hair accessories, for a person that rarely wears any!! I just can't help myself.

Here is a photo of all my alice bands / headbands lol:

The breakdown

These 3 are in the "Anime expo/Dress up" category. As you can see, they are pretty over the top and not really suitable for everyday wear haha.

Where I got these
The furry ears - I made them
The cat ears - Claires
The big bow - DIY, I took the bow off from an old top of mine and just attached it to a plain black alice band.

Now these alice bands all have something attached to the side of it, which I consider to be more wearable everyday. However, I've grown out of the whole wearing Hello Kitty and bows on my head for now (It makes me look like a child!) I'm trying to look my age at least... aha xD

Where I got these
Starting from the top
Denim blue alice band with star detail - Claires
Blue bow alice band - Vietnam
Yellow Hello Kitty double alice band - Vietnam
Pink bow polka dot alice band - Claires
Black alice band with black&white bow detail - Claires
Cream white bow alice band - Primark
Green (It looks black in the photo for some reason :/) bow alice band - Primark
Pink Hello Kitty double alice band - Vietnam

Just your average plain coloured alice bands, not going to bother saying where I got these because you can pretty much get them anywhere!

My headbands. I wear these the most out all of the above, except for the blue one, I use that to keep my hair out of my face during my skincare routines. The wrap-around band has been used a few times since I got it about a month or so ago? The plaited double band was used when I had brown / orange hair, it stood out more on lighter coloured hair, I don't wear it any more since I dyed my hair black again (although my hair is gradient black to brown atm lol). Worn the black flower out 2 times only, I think it's too much tbh haha.
The feather ones I actually got today! I've never really been a fan of the whole feather thing... but something just drew me to it today (impulse buy) and I actually quite like them :) I'll be wearing these when I go out (THAT'S IF MY MUM LETS ME OUT!).

Where I got these
Wrap-around band - Primark
Blue band - New Look
Both feather bands - Primark
Black plaited double band - Claires
Black flower band - Claires

Now for my hair clips:

Erm, I'm not going to say where I got these, because they are pretty average? But if you want to know then just ask me.

And finally, my hairbands:

That's it for this post! Thanks for reading :)

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