Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tsubasa Inspired Nails

I haven't painted my nails for while, and so today I decided to do Tsubasa inspired nails.
I came across this photo of her:

I liked her nails so I attempted it myself (this is my second time doing this by the way!)
I find it pretty easy to do as it's only painting the tips, except for the one black nail of course. One difference I've done is instead of drawing the heart and bow on the black nail, I've just used glitter nail polish (as that looks really time consuming to do >.<). Using glitter nail polish (the ones with the little AND big specs) still look pretty to me! But of course if you're skilled enough to draw the heart and bow, please do so! Also, obviously you can use any colour you want as I have :) I'm sure some of you won't have the exact same colours that Tsubasa has on, or mine, so choose whatever you like. I myself don't have a baby pink so I used a blue instead hehe. Here are mine:

And a nail tutorial~!

Now I'll give you the polish details that I used :)

Staring from left to right:
MoYou - Yellow
NYNC - Fuchsia
BarryM - Vivid Purple (161)
BarryM - Pure Turquoise (295)
BarryM - Black (47)
N.Y.C. - Starry Silver Glitter (105A)
L.A. Colors - Base Coat

More photos ^0^


  1. que unhas lindas adorei.


  2. Loveee the nails! ^^
    Your nails are so nice & long x_x


  3. Waaa so lovely <3

    Thanks you have nail art tutorials *u* !!

    kiss kiss


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