Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My cosmetics collection (so far)

Just thought I'd share my collection with my readers ^-^
I'm not a make-up enthusiast or anything by the way. Here's a photo of all my cosmetics:

Is that a lot? I've seen people with much more, but then again, I've seen people with barely any... lol. I don't use all of the products pictured there _^ Some of it is un-opened, some is really old (I like to keep old/expired make-up for art haha)

Out of all of that, these are the ones I do use:

AAAAAND these are the ones I use for my "everyday casual going out face" haha:

Um, I might review some products (if i'm bothered, i'm really lazy) I'll do some with my new E.L.F products sometime soon though!
And I was thinking of making a video of my daily routine for my youtube channel? I shall see~~

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