Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Eyeliner collection!

Hello everyone!

I'm going to be sharing my current eyeliner collection so far.

Here is all I currently have

I'll start off with the E.L.F eyeliners.

From Top: E.L.F Mineral Eyeliner in Coffee. E.L.F Brightening eyeliner in Black. E.L.F Shimmer eyeliner pencil in Gunmetal. E.L.F Shimmer eyeliner pencil in Black.  

From Left: Shimmer Black. Shimmer Gunmetal. Brightening Black. Mineral Coffee

The shimmer eyeliners look really pretty, the other two are just quite plain and normal. I don't use these at all because they smudge really easily! Not good.

From Left: Shimmer Black. Shimmer Gunmetal. Brightening Black. Mineral Coffee.

It's a shame really since I really do like the shimmer liners, but hey, what can I expect from a budget makeup brand hmm?

Will definitely not purchase these again. I can't deal with smudging makeup...

Next up is BarryM   

Kohl pencil by BarryM in shade 18

I really don't like this pencil. I've actually had this for MANY years now... I have no idea how old it is. I'm not sure if it dried up because it's really old, but its really hard to apply and it's scratchy. I had to draw over and over to get it to show up like this on my arm, and it made the area sore from all the scratching...

Also because it is a purple eyeliner which is a colour I don't opt to line my eyes with on a daily basis. AND, it smudges too.

Onto the Rimmel liners.

Top: Exaggerate waterproof eye definer. Bottom: Soft Kohl kajal eyeliner pencil.

 I use the Exaggerate waterproof liner currently to line my water line as i find this soft and easy to apply without having to keep scratching/scraping it on my waterline. It is a retractable pencil where you just twist the top to let the product come out, it also comes with a spongy smudger on the other end of the pencil to help create a smokey eye look, and a sharpener if you pull the sponge end of the pencil out.

Left: Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner. Right: Soft Kohl kajal eyeliner.

Left: Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner. Right: Soft Kohl kajal eyeliner.

Both pencils also smudge. Which is why I only use to line my waterline.

Miss Sporty Mini-me eyeliner.

050 Snow

It was actually hard for me to focus on this swatch because it was quite faint.

Then when I did a smudge test it almost nearly disappeared.

I bought this years ago to do the whole 'highlight the inner corner of your eyes to brighten and widen them' but when I did it on myself, I didn't like it at all. I'll maybe use this for occasions such as Halloween.

Maybelline Gel liner

Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 01 Black

I think my gel liner is getting a bit dry now hence why the application isn't as smooth as it used to be. I used to use this gel liner a lot because it would stay put on my eyelids.

It does smudge so you have to be careful, which is why I stopped using it and drifted onto liquid liners!

Liquid liners

From Top: Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner Navy. Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner Black. Eyeko eye do liner. Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner 15. Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner 001

From Left: Eyeko Skinny Navy. Eyeko Skinny Black. Eyeko Eye Do. Make Up For Ever 15. Rimmel 001.

From Left: Eyeko Skinny Navy. Eyeko Skinny Black. Eyeko Eye Do. Make Up For Ever 15. Rimmel 001.
Liquid liners are currently my favourite right now, I'm always reaching for them. The one i'm using on a regular basis right now is the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in shade 15. I forgot the name of the shade... I originally wanted a black colour but they had sold out so I went for the next darkest shade which was this shimmery grey one. Quite happy with it!

As you can see above, only the Rimmel liner smudges, the others do not budge one bit!

I prefer the 'pot' style liners such as the Make up for ever and rimmel liquid liners, as the applicator will always have an even coat of product on it. As for the Eyeko liners, they are a felt tip applicator, and my eye do one has slightly dried out so when I attempt to draw a cat eye, it comes out really rough and uneven, rather than the straight sharp line I am trying to achieve. I find the 'pot' liners much easier to achieve a straight sharp line. Though I must say, I really did like the Eyeko liners when I first got it them (before they started to dry up). I store the Eyeko ones upside down (tip down) to help keep the product near the tip to keep it moist and ready for use, but it's still quite rough.

All in all, liquid liners are my go to right now!

I hope this post was interesting to you...

Until next time~~~!

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