Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review: LEADERS Sheet Masks

I have tried 3 different types of sheet masks from LEADERS who are a Korean brand. Here are the masks:

LEADERS Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask
LEADERS Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask
LEADERS Wrinkle Filler Skin Renewal Mask

I let my boyfriend try out the Teatree mask as he has more skin problems than I do, such as acne scars, blemishes and spots. He really liked how his skin felt after using it and noticed his skin looked slightly better as well. Bare in mind that he does use other products and not just masks alone.

The Teatree mask features are:
  • To soothe and revitalize problematic skin.
  • Eco-friendly and clean sprout complex made of extracts from organic birch sprout, filbert sprout and olive sprout.
  • Paraben free and dermatological tested.
  • Suitable for oily/combination skin types. 

The Mela-Tox mask is my favourtie out of these, just because I love whitening products! Right after using the mask I did notice that my face was brighter and whiter, I will use these again for sure. Also it's perfect for the winter as this mask is moisture rich, it helps keep my face from being dry from the cold harsh British weather that we will be facing soon.

Mela-Tox mask features:
  • Brighten stressed skin from outdoor environment.
  • Give moisture and glow to dull skin.
  • Natural moisture particles soothes dead skin providing healthy skin.
  • Rich moisture elasticity for perfect fit and moisture. 
Lastly, the Wrinkle Filler mask. To be honest I don't have any wrinkles at all to fill. I guess it doesn't hurt to fill in any micro wrinkle lines that I MIGHT BE DEVELOPING?? I can't say I saw any visible difference after using it, nor did it feel different to any other standard face mask... a better review for this would come from a more older blogger... or maybe I'll get my mum to try it and I'll get back to you guys. Although I highly doubt that my readers that follow me are at the age of wrinkling... aha

Wrinkle filler features:
  • Intensive wrinkle care mask giving firming effect.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin improving wrinkles for firmer skin.
  • Rich moisture and elasticity for perfect fit and moisture. 
 All of these masks are to be worn for a duration of 15-20 minutes. After removal, gently tap your skin to help the remaining essence absorb into your skin. Wipe away any excess you don't want on your face with a cotton pad if you wish.

If you wish to purchase these masks, I got mine from Fafa Beauty! Use my code "ruixrai5off" for a 5% discount!

Fafa Beauty

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